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Jessica Lowndes

Out on Vevo and iTunes now And you probably didn’t know he put a ring on it. Easter with my bunny, jessicalowndes!!! She took to Instagram Friday to assure her fans that she hadn’t been hacked, saying she’s just “really excited to finally be able to share this secret. The Huffington Post has reached out to Lovitz’s and Lowndes’ reps, and will update this post accordingly.

Well, this is unexpected: After a string of not-so-subtle posts this weekend, star Jessica Lowndes, 27, revealed that she’s dating.

Jessica gave a few teasers late last week and silenced any haters who had a problem with the couple’s year age gap. And I love me some old cows His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories You say sugar daddy but I say ice cream daddy! Jessica, who was previously linked to rugby player Thom Evans, later shared a photo of a giant rock on that finger When bae films you waking up in the morning Easter with my bunny, jessicalowndes!!!

Nice jealousy! My pleasure! Now work on getting personality. Meanwhile, if you think you’re smelling something fishy because it’s almost April, Chrissy Teigen can smell it too, maybe:. It was an April Fool’s joke. But also a publicity stunt. Out on Vevo and iTunes now

Jessica Lowndes Just Revealed Her Relationship With Jon Lovitz Is an Early April Fools’ Day Joke

Jessica Lowndes , 27, has defended her new relationship with Jon Lovitz , 58 over the weekend. The actress, who has even hinted that the pair are engaged after sharing a photo of a dazzling engagement ring, has playfully responded to negative comments over their year age gap, claiming that: “haters gonna hate. The rumours of the couple’s new relationship began on Friday when Jessica posted a quote that read: “Old cows like to eat young grass,” and cheekily captioning the post: “And I love me some old cows,” referencing the age gap between the pair.

Jessica has defended the year age gap between herself and her new boyfriend, Jon. She then posted a photo of a man’s hand on her leg with the captions: “There’s a new man in my life,” and “His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories Jessica then addressed the fan confusion on Instagram, posting a video in which she debunked rumours that her account has been hacked.

Jessica Lowndes Reveals She’s Dating Content loading UPDATE: Jessica Lowndes revealed her “engagement” to Jon Lovitz is.

It’s a surprising coupling, but we have to give them points for creativity when it came to revealing their relationship status over social media. First there was Lowndes’ Instagram of Lovitz’s hand on her thigh while driving. Later, she still wasn’t apparently ready to reveal Lovitz’s identity, but she happily showed off that her man knows the way to her heart: with ice cream. There was no caption on her next photo, but one can only assume it means what we think it means since she has a blinding diamond ring on her left hand:.

And then we got a taste of what life with Jon Lovitz as a boyfriend is really like. The best was the caption and choice of hastags that Lowndes used on this video: “When bae films you waking up in the morning

Are Jessica Lowndes & Jon Lovitz Dating? Not Really!

In a series of Instagram posts, the actress teased followers, telling them she has been “keeping a BIG secret” and posting a shot of an older man’s hand on her thigh, with the caption “There’s a new man in my life”. Amid other posts of flowers and love hearts and captions about having a “sugar daddy” the year-old posted a video saying she was “really excited to finally be able to share this secret with you guys”.

Her next post was a photo of an engagement ring.

Jessica Suzanne Lowndes.

In this segment, however, we will be focusing on the relationship past and the present of her. Jessica Lowndes dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal in April The couple was often spotted together having breakfast, events, etc. But much is not known about their relationship. Or Is it just a prank for April Fools? The couple met on the sets of Bloom is the co-founder of a tech film Integrate and founder of the non-profit Wish of a Lifetime.

After dating for a year, this couple also broke up in and the reason for the separation is said to be because of their distant relationship, they saw no future. Then, the lover in question went on to spill the beans on Twitter! Easter with my bunny, jessicalowndes!!! My pleasure! Now work on getting personality. Though it was initially put as a prank, rumors are still going around that the two are in the long-term relationship.

The two have however never come out openly to the public on it.

[Updated] Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz Are Dating, Maybe

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Jessica Lowndes is dating Jon Lovitz, who is 31 years her senior, and even hinted they are engaged.

The star has been teasing photos of her new man on Instagram – and now, finally, she’s given the game away. Jessica Lowndes has finally revealed who her secret new boyfriend is – Saturday Night Live’s Jon Lovitz, who’s 31 years her senior. The star, 27, teased a photo of her holding hands with an older man just days ago, and things seem to have blossomed quickly – as she’s now sparked rumours they could be ENGAGED.

Jon, 58, shared a photo with the actress this weekend, as they posed for a selfie in a soft top car together. While Jess is yet to share a photo of her own, she’s been teasing fans about her “Mr Big” for days, and even added a clip of his voice as he filmed her waking up in bed this week. The star also added a snap of a huge diamond ring on THAT finger, after promising her fans she’d finally reveal her big news just moments before. While she left the photo without a caption, fans quickly aired their guesses, as one wrote: “Congratulations.

The pair guest starred together in Hawaii Five-O, and fans have since questioned if they’re working together – or if the relationship is more. Days before, she sparked debate over who he could be with a photo of her driving her car, with a man’s hand resting on her bare leg. Fans quickly noted there appeared to be a large age difference, and Jessica fuelled the rumours further by captioning the shot: “His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories

Are Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz actually dating?

It’s a few days before April Fools’ Day, but already actors Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz have given the Internet either a super eyebrow-raising romance or one of the best celeb pranks of all time. In a series of over-the-top Instagram posts that started last week, the star, 27, and Saturday Night Live alum, 58, revealed that they’re in a relationship and possibly engaged, judging by the jaw-dropping ring pic she posted , and yes, they’re aware of the stark age difference and have called it out multiple times.

While some fans are all gung-ho about their possible May-December romance, many — including reaction GIF extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen — are questioning the rollout of this announcement and are wondering if the relationship is even legit.

Suzanne Lowndes (Current) Jake Gyllenhaal Aaron Paul Danny Cipriani Thom Evans, Jeremy Bloom Tom Evan Janice Dickinson.

She affirmed,. She, then, uploaded a photo with a man’s hand on her inner thigh, that showed the new man to be a little older than her, since the picture of the hand on her leg was from a man quite older than her. With more than three decades age gap between them, it seemed rather an unlikely pairing. Not only Jessica but Jon too hinted their relationship through Twitter. The post added more fuel to the rumor; the fan even criticized her relation with the three-decade older boyfriend.

She explained her prank as,. Hell I started months ago. Isn’t Jesica cruel for playing with her fans’ emotions like that? Surely, her fans ought to forgive her for toying with their feelings. Her ex-boyfriend Jeremy is now engaged-to-be married or so did his 2nd April Instagram post would make the fans believe.

Her former boyfriend indicated that he was indeed turning a new leaf by committing to his yet-to-be-identified fiancee.

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Lovitz on Relationship Prank With 27-Year-Old Jessica Lowndes: ‘Younger Women Like…