The audience cheered, and Sara Quin scoffed. The adults who love her band, listening to her speak in , treated her like a hero. As she told this story, it had the air of a myth being born—or rather, reborn. Teenagedom might be the phase of life most vividly signposted by pop culture, which has coughed up uncountable tales of bullies and outcasts, cheerleaders and quarterbacks, virginity anxieties and promposals, and so on. Now the year-old Calgary twins fling open their teenage yearbooks for public consumption. In the new memoir High School , they trade off terse, reflective chapters about their adolescence.

Tegan and Sara Piece It All Together

After going synth-pop on ‘s Heartthrob , Tegan and Sara team up once again with super-producer Greg Kurstin for the follow up. At their best, they boil love songs down to their aching essence. In , Tegan and Sara released their seventh album Heartthrob and immediately shot to a new level of fame. There’s a razor-fine line between populist and derivative, and theirs was a calculated risk that paid off—not only was the record critically and commercially successful, it contained some of Tegan and Sara’s best songwriting work to date.

The biggest twins in pop are returning to where it all began with High School, a book chronicling the acid, raves, girlfriends and guitars that.

Since the time of the interview, Tegan and Sara released Love You To Death, their eighth studio album, and established the Tegan and Sara Foundation, an organization that fights for health, economic justice and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. Asymmetric haircuts were everywhere when Tegan and Sara Quin made a two-day stop in Manila for their first-ever concert in the Philippines.

A meet-and-greet with the Canadian twins, organized on the night before their November show, approached boy-band levels of barely contained giddiness. The self-described awkward geeks — lady-loving ones, at that — have finally been granted a place at the popular table, to the delight of fans who see themselves in the twins and share their victories. Visiting places for the first time can be tricky for gay artists like them.

Tegan admitted they declined a previous offer to go to Malaysia because its laws criminalize homosexuality Malaysia also issued a fatwa against tomboys in Now, it feels completely different. First and foremost, we are musicians and we want to bring our music to as many places as possible. Did you know we were girls? There was no fanfare about it, being gay was like being twins or being Canadian.

Then Is Now: The Return of Tegan and Sara

The record is scheduled to be released June 3, almost a month after my graduation. Synths are nothing new for the group, but the song changed the look of Tegan and Sara from guitar strummers to a legit pop band. The twins also crafted songs differently than their past works. Upon hearing the pop-leaning songs for the first time, the servings can feel a bit too sweet. Her issue is less a critique on the craft than a response from the two throwing a curveball at their fans.

To celebrate Pride, BusinessWorld is bringing out an article first published in December about Tegan and Sara’s first and (to date) only.

But that was the moment where I was like, no, no, this really is cathartic to sing this, to scream on stage every night, and watch everyone else scream along. When I say exactly how I feel, it really seems to connect. Our musical director suggested doing it on piano, and it really transports me back to the first few times we played it live. I have to kind of not look because it makes me very sensitive.

Sara and I were both so obsessed with him liking the song enough to put it on his record that we both were writing on it. Our first four of five albums were really hard for me because I found it really difficult to be given feedback. I took any change as a criticism of the music I was making, so I found collaboration incredibly difficult, especially with Sara. If you could change the lyrics, would you? I welcome collaboration now. I was killing time, my girlfriend was getting ready for lunch and she was taking a long time, so I was playing guitar and I came up with the chorus.

I then wrote the rest of the song around that voice-note. I used to get a section going and then have to force myself to finish it.

Tegan and Sara Get a Pop Makeover

Identical twins Sara left and Tegan Quin began making music together as teenagers. Listening back to the songs they wrote, Sara says: “I was struck by the joy in our voices. Tegan and Sara perform in in Australia.

For 36 years, Tegan and Sara Quin have shared a face and a voice. In a interview with Spin, Sara credits a fellow Canadian for that he and Sara have a date for the following night — because he’s going to their show.

The most 90s of all, however, is how much time the twins spend on the telephone. Friendships, love affairs and messy personal sagas all take place over a shared landline. Today, Tegan and Sara Quin are calling separately from their homes close to each other in Vancouver to explain why they have decided to revisit their adolescence in great, probing detail. To listen to them chatting away down the line is apt. It brings the book so vividly to life that I almost find myself twirling an imaginary cord around my finger.

The Quins were supposed to have a break after they finished touring their album, Love You to Death , but they quickly grew bored of the down time.

LISTEN: Tegan and Sara infuse movie soundtrack with dose of ’80s pop

When the lights go down between songs at a Tegan and Sara show, you never know what will happen next. They might reveal Tegan tuning an acoustic guitar, or spotlight Sara as she launches into an extended monologue about the recent spate of people dressing as clowns and lurking around in wooded areas. They repeatedly thanked the sold-out crowd for their support, and even good-naturedly responded to some especially random outbursts. Kicking off the show, Tegan told the audience that there were three things she and her sister want when they take the stage.

All three goals were easily accomplished. The almost Vaudevillian way in Tegan and Sara ribbed each other throughout the show was endearing and hysterical.

Tegan and Sara. March 9, February 14, by Megan Hits the Road with Tegan and Sara, and Kevin Keller Starts Dating. Each week The GLAAD.

We teach our friend Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island what it takes to be a heartthrob in our latest interview! See it now on Buzzfeed! The stream will be available to those in the US and Canada. We are 4 days away from the release of Heartthrob!! It then comes out in Australia Feb 8 and Europe Feb We are happy you all survived and no one was smothered under an avalanche of feels. Hopefully it has prepared you for this next announcement – we’re streaming the entire album today on a….

Once we settled on Heartthrob as the title for our record, we started thinking a lot about who our Heartthrobs were growing up, and where they are today. Some of them we have even have had the opportunity to meet as adults, which gave us a whole new perspective on their real lives.

Modern Sky Festival 2013 Tegan and Sara

Surely not. Surely identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin who comprise the Grammy-nominated musical duo Tegan and Sara have better things to do than watch me splutter through questions about their personal lives between pints and pints of water until I am red in the face. To preface: Tegan and Sara are extremely important.

Plus, Cave has a tour date at Humphrey’s in San Diego on April 16, just after the first weekend of Coachella from April Welcome to the Coachella.

Showing , results for: Showing 10 out of , results for: tegan. The couple met in September , through mutual friends at a Yale alumni event in Chicago. In a new memoir and an album of songs they wrote as teenagers, the feminist pop stars look back at their traumas, triumphs and life as identical twins. The twins open up about their new album, their pop ambitions and the absence of an openly gay female megastar.

What the year-old singer-songwriters — and twins — Tegan and Sara are listening to. Showing , results for: Showing 10 out of , results for: tegan Search Use up and down arrows to review search suggestions and enter to select. Refine results via Date Range. Refine results via Section. Refine results via Type. By James C. McKinley Jr. Advertisement Continue reading the main story. Music Nine Albums Later, Tegan and Sara Are Finally Ready to Discuss High School In a new memoir and an album of songs they wrote as teenagers, the feminist pop stars look back at their traumas, triumphs and life as identical twins.

By Jenn Pelly and Liz Pelly.

A Momentous First Date with… Tegan and Sara!

The pair have released nine studio albums and numerous EPs. Tegan and Sara began playing guitar and writing songs at age 15, [6] forming a band called Plunk without a drummer or bass player. In , they used their school’s recording studio to record two demo albums: Who’s in Your Band? In , they won Calgary ‘s “Garage Warz” competition, using the studio time they won to record their first professional demo under the name “Sara and Tegan”, [11] [12] Yellow tape , which was followed by Orange tape and Red tape.

Their first “big-time show” was in May in Calgary, opening for Hayden. They later changed their name to “Tegan and Sara” because people thought they were a solo act named “Sara Antegan”.

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It is a challenge that she and her identical twin sister set themselves when recording their seventh album. The pair have made their name not so much because there’s an easy way to sell their image — more of which later — but because their music has always spoken so clearly to an audience that shares their anxieties and fears. But now, they say, they’re a group with a different ambition as well as a song in their hearts. The result — Heartthrob — is the group’s most accessible album to date, one crafted with an eye on expanding the band’s fanbase way beyond its fanatical core.

But listen to Tegan talk about album opener Closer, the most unabashedly sexy song the pair have made sample lyric: “All you think of lately For everyone I know in their 30s, life is just so complicated — love just looks so complicated — whereas when you were 16 or 17, it was a coup just to hold hands with a girl you liked, or to have a sleepover.

So it is still really dark The intensity of such records as their debut Under Feet Like Ours and the following year’s This Business of Art — “the sound of lots of screaming over the top of some very rudimentary guitar playing” — is something they attribute to their upbringing. Born in Calgary, Alberta, their parents divorced at an early age and their mother went back to university, arranging childcare for them. We had a close-knit family which only fed the fires of co-dependency, which ignited in our teenage years when we became co-dependent with our first best friends and girlfriends The twins’ mother became a therapist, so it’s little surprise that “we went to therapy our whole lives.

We’re not closed-off, dissociative monsters but there are these bleeding scars. In the early years, the pair would rile each other easily, but now that they are older and in settled relationships — even separated by a national border, with Sara living in New York and Tegan in Vancouver — their bond seems tighter than ever.

Tegan and Sara: Tegan’s girlfriend taught her some portuguese, Sexism, LGBTQ